Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dinner in the Toyota showroom

Tortellini "Alfredo", rigatoni with meatballs in tomato sauce, green salad, garlic bread, cookies

WELL, I BLEW IT TODAY: once again I forgot to take a camera, and the cell phone was on the blink. So no photos. And that's too bad, because I'll likely never again eat dinner in a Toyota showroom.

There were maybe twenty of us, all recent purchasers of a new Toyota. We sat at long tables with folding legs, six of us to a table, and met the managers of the service and the parts department, and asked a few questions about our new cars -- how to improve fuel economy? when to use the "braking" gear? how does the tire-pressure alert work?

The pasta was in hotel pans over bains-marie, and surprisingly okay -- like decent airplane food. The salad was actively good, I thought. The garlic bread was below par: it reminded me of the Franco American bread Mom used to slather margarine on and then liberally sprinkle with garlic salt.

The cookies weren't great.


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