Thursday, October 23, 2014

Torino, 2: da noi

Via Principe Tommaso, Torino, October 23, 2014—

IL SALONE DEL GUSTO was exhausting today; no energy for a night out — and besides, there were plenty of things to choose from to make a satisfactory dinner at home. 

We've always been partial to Sardegna, so we bought a package of culurgionis, soft gnocchi-like ovals made of flour, oil, and salt, filled with potatu purée flavored with Pecorino, oil, and mint. On it, as you see, a nice prepared tomato  passata di pomodoro, nothing but tomatoes, basil, and salt.

Well, you need vegetables too, so I sprinkled this arugula with oil, lemon juice, and salt. An apple followed…

Grillo, Ippolito (Sicily), 2013: crisp, light, rather complex

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