Monday, October 6, 2014

Carbonara; roast beef hash

Eastside Road, October 6, 2014—
WE WERE IN TOWN yesterday for dinner with an old friend at a quiet neighborhood white-tablecloth Italian restaurant we like — nothing exciting, traditional dishes, but very pleasant: especially when dining on the front porch overlooking a small garden on a balmy early Sunday evening. I started with half a Caesar salad, not too inauthentic, and went on to a spaghetti carbonara, just right for the occasion — all washed down with, first, a glass of Prosecco; then, a couple of glasses of Falanghina, a varietal I very much like.

• Ca' Bianca, 835 Second Street, Santa Rosa, California; (707) 542-5800
AND TONIGHT COOK CONTINUED the great traversal of the refrigerator, finding enough leftover roast beef for a nice hash, with green tomatoes and delicious buttery green beans on the side — you'd think it was St. Patrick's Day. Padron peppers, then two pickled pepper salads for an appetizer; green salad afterward, and then a small Crane melon to honor October…
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