Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rillettes, limas, strawberries

Eastside Road, October 4, 2014—

SATURDAY NIGHT, after the twice-weekly Martini, is no time to anguish about healthful dining. Not when Franco Dunn's rillettes are at hand. (And, anyhow, I trust his sources implicitly, as I respect his taste and skill.)

So tonight we begin with said rillettes, spread on Acme Bread's delicious walnut-whole wheat levain and accompanied by pickled green peppers. 

But it is Saturday, after all; we did go to the farm market this morning; so it's on to Nancy's lima beans, for who knows how much longer they'll be available?

With them, quickly sautéed tiny squashes, which gradually I learn to tolerate, and half a sausage liberated from the depths of the icebox. 

And we finish with a bowl of strawberries — another item I resisted most of my life, finding them either bland and woody or, at the other extreme, acidic and exaggerated. (Fraises des bois excepted, of course.) Like Nancy Skall of Middleton Gardens, however,  Lou Preston grows delicious strawberries: whether the soil or climate, the watering or fertilizer, these berries are absolutely delicious.  Colorful, too. 

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