Saturday, August 2, 2014

The last of the Coronas

Eastside Road, August 1, 2014—
WHITE RABBIT, I said to myself this morning, it being the first of the month. Does it count, I wonder, if said merely to one's self. In any case it brought good luck, as we had these delicious Corona beans for dinner.

But bad luck too, as they are the last of our supply, laid in many years ago when our friend Joe was still in business, bringing them (and many other delicious things) in from Italy. Never mind, Cook says; I'll look for them online; there must be other sources… Hmmm, they're also called Gigantes; I wonder if these will be the same…

Let's try ordering some from two or three sources, I suggested, and compare, and see if they'll be similar…

These Coronas are so marvelous, even after years in the pantry (dry, of course): meaty, flavorful, virtually a meal in themselves. Cook them with olive oil or maybe a little butter, maybe some chopped scallion, salt of course, don't forget the sage.

berriesicecream.jpgWe had a particularly nice guacamole before, with our Martinis; green salad afterward. And then dessert: Vanilla ice cream with the last of our sweet tree-ripened nectarines and black black blackberries from the fields…

Cinsault, Preston of Dry Creek, 2011

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