Friday, August 8, 2014

Penne, red sauce

Eastside Road, August 7, 2014—

ALL'ARRABIATA TONIGHT, I would say, as Cook was using up leftovers, and among them she found one of Franco Dunn's salsiccie napoletane, and piquant it most definitely was. Otherwise, the normal sauce, with pancetta and chopped onion browned in oil (though I think she noticed a little bit of bacon fat that she'd found as well), then a can of tomatoes squeezed in between the fingers.

Beyond that, that fabulous plate you see to the left: sliced tomatoes, leftover grilled eggplant and grilled onions,  a drizzle of really nice olive oil, salt.  Green salad afterword, and fruit. We are drowning in fresh fruit.

Cheap red wine: Albero

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