Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Eastside Road, August 4, 2014—
LET'S JUST LEAD with dessert tonight: it was just so good. Ripe figs from yesterday's market, baked a short time in the oven, with honey, salt, and lemon juice. I know there are people who dislike figs — I think it's a matter of misplaced chastity. I like figs. Right up there with perfect apricots, or dates, or mulberries, or pears…

Before dessert we had salmon, of course, and those fine lima beans of Nancy Skall's, and sliced tomatoes
salmon.jpg. It was all good, no question about it. The green salad, too, whose vinaigrette these days is made with "our" olive oil, a community crush to which we contributed, green and fruity and not at all flabby, and Alta's impeccable quince vinegar — gotta find out how she makes that! It led right into the figs; come to think of it, a drop or two on the figs would have been interesting…
Cheap Pinot grigio

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