Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Eastside Road, August 26, 2014—
PERHAPS THE LAST salmon dinner of the year: it's growing late in the season; the salmon are getting fat. Do they prepare, I wonder, like bears, for a lean winter season? Well, I don't, and while I know fatty fish is good for the health, I don't find it all that pleasant on the palate. Cook does her best with it, I have to say; she broils it to just the right point, and that lemon wedge adds nice tang to it. And Dave's fishing business is certainly something to support; he's a significant part of the local farm market community.

But still.

Nancy's marvelous limas, on the other hand, retain their late-spring texture and flavor — her Middleton Gardens site, over west of the river, has an almost magical terroir; everything she provides is full of flavor. And these were the nicest Green Zebra tomatoes we've had: close your eyes and you might almost think them red.

Green salad afterward…
Cheap Pinot grigio

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