Saturday, August 23, 2014

Oh, and I forgot

Eastside Road, August 23, 2014—
LUNCH YESTERDAY, with my favorite neighbor, a bright, sympathetic woman I've known all her life — can it be getting on to sixty years? We ate in town, and started with these delicious boquerones, in lots of good olive oil, strewn with mirepoix, with red pepper adding piquancy to the usual onion, leery, and carrot. A thing to remember.

Afterward, Romano beans and sausage, and a plate of jamón, and flatbread with bacalao. And on the way home, why not step into a favorite local shop and buy a couple dozen of these marvelous white anchovies, these boquerones, and see if I can reproduce the dish for Cook?

Bravas Bar de Tapas, 420 Center Street, Healdsburg; 707.433.7700
The Cheese Shop of Healdsburg, 423 Center Street, Healdsburg

I read the most amazing thing the other day in a book review in the San Francisco Chronicle:
[Amanda] Petrusich's writing sometimes soars above the mundanity of her travel notes from her visits… which feature her weird habit of describing what kind of breakfast or lunch they ordered.
Really: what better insight into the person you're writing about than what and how he orders his meals?
sausage.jpgTHEN TONIGHT IT WAS down to our local city for dinner with friends. I'd called them: What are you doing for dinner? Grilling sausages outside, came the answer. Just what we were thinking of doing, I said. Bring yours down, he replied; I'll fry up some potatoes, I have some Jimmy Nardello peppers to throw on the grill…

As you can see, the sausages grilled up just fine. They were Franco Dunn's sausages, of course; you don't get any better than that. On the left, Provençal sausages; on the right, something with a little more spice. With the peppers and potatoes, a fine meal.
Viognier, Preston of Dry Creek, 2011; Cheap Barbera d'Asti

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