Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another dinner from the grill…

Eastside Road, August 3, 2014—
…YET NO PHOTOS BUT THIS, and it from lunch: a couple of raw carrots, a couple of apples from our trees.

Oh well: we were too involved tonight grilling, or (more likely) having too much fun talking, cooking, eating and drinking.

Franco Dunn's sausages, to begin with. A few good-sized onions, split into quarters, roots, stems, and all. Peppers, of course. An eggplant, sliced crosswise. Everything sprinkled with olive oil, and salted, and grilled over wood.

We had company to help us with all this, our neighbors from down the hill. Green salad with Alta's delicious quince vinegar. Baked figs with honey for dessert.
Albero, Monastrell (Jumilla), 2013; "Meritage", Sterling Vintner's Collection, 2012; Cinsault, Preston of Dry Creek, 2011 (the best of the lot, I think)

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