Monday, July 22, 2013

Two local favorites

Nice, July 22, 2013—

TOMORROW WE HIT the trail again; who knows what or how we'll be eating. Today let's return to familiar tables. 

Lunch in the Vielle Ville, then, after an hour browsing the flea market, to no profit. We began with this little assiette of panisses, chick-pea-flour sticks peppered and deep-fried. 

I then went on to my bowl of fish soup, which I would willingly have five days a week: fish of at least two varieties, only salt-water fish, and a few extra heads and tails if you can get them, simmered until tender with a bouquet garni and a splash of Pernod, run through a food mill, and served with toasted baguette slices which you scrub with raw garlic, heap rouille on, and cover with grated cheese, Gruyère by preference.
          Rosé en pichet
• da Acchiardo, 38 Rue Droite, Nice; 04 93 85 51 16

Dinner was at the local restaurant Chuck and Dominique introduced us to last week. The menu offers only two choices for each of the three courses, and mine were foie gras with poached apricots served with a slice of delicious toasted raisin rye bread, and
pieces of veal, stuffed with tomato and a little bit of mozzarella, flavored with thyme, garlic, and basil,and  served with quartered artichokes cooked al dente. One of the best dishes I've had; truly inspired. No dessert needed.
          Minervois, Château Cabezac "La Garrigue," 2011

• Restaurant Côté Sud, 2 Rue du Professeur Maurice Sureau, Nice; 04 93 01 36 40

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