Thursday, July 18, 2013

A local favorite

Nice, July 18, 2013—

WHERE TO HAVE lunch today? I resorted to a method that's oftened rorked for me, and stepped into a butcher shop that obviously served a local clientele. (Tourists are unlikely to be buying steaks and chops and veal livers.) is ther a good restaurant around here for real food?

Both butchers grinned, apparently glad to be asked: Right dowm the street, on the left, next to the church. So back we went, with information, to the place we'd found by chance yesterday. I looked at all the possibilities, many of them enticing, and decided to go with the day's menu: canneloni, with nice Bolognese, and a mesclun salad. Keep it simple, now and then.
          Rosé en pichet
• da Acchiardo38 Rue Droite, Nice; 04 93 85 51 16

And dinner "at home," found in the fridge and the cupboards, as we all go various ways tomorrow morning, and its time to clean things out…

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