Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lunch al fresco

La Crescenta, November 4, 2012—

LUNCH AT THE HOME of a couple of friends today, a friendship going back thirty years to early days at Chez Panisse. They've long since moved to southern California, but we forgive them since they're still in the business — on the supply side, farming and baking. We had a plate of sliced cheese and salumi, a delicious tossed salad, and a beet salad I actually liked — even though in principle I loathe the chthonic beet. These were roasted, peeled, sliced, and marinated in a delicious vinaigrette along with a few carrots treated similarly, and a fair amount of torn mint leaves were involved as well. Delicious.
Quincy, Laporte "Les Niorles," 2010: true to type, crisp, refreshing

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