Monday, November 19, 2012

Last Australian dinner

Warranwood, Victoria, November 17, 2012—
THERE'S NO DOUBT about it: Australia is a carnivorous country, and if this offends you, you're at the wrong webpage. It was a foregone conclusion that our last meal in this Melbourne suburb, where my kid brother presides over a huge family involving four daughters, four sons-in-law from four different countries, and six grandchildren.

That first supper, so long ago, was this mixed grill. Tonight, after that fabulous Polish midday supper, hardly anything seemed necessary, but damned if we didn't do it again: steaks, both lamb and beef; sausages; pork chops; all cooked over wood, and served with a big green salad, and afterward French pastries bought at a Cambodian specialist in them… And tomorrow we'll eat in the airplane.
Various red Australian wines, to be sure.

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