Sunday, October 14, 2012

The weekly salmon

Eastside Road, October 14, 2012—
YOU'VE SEEN IT BEFORE, of course, the weekly market menu. When I was a boy it was normal to have roughly the same menu each day of the week: Friday fish, Sunday chicken, Saturday roast pork, Monday macaroni and cheese — that sort of thing. Perhaps for that reason I not only don't mind the weekly repetition of what I've come to think of as The Market Menu: on the contrary, there's something reassuring about it.

The softboiled egg on Sunday; the Martinis on Friday and Saturday; the Tuesday fast (though this next week we'll advance the fast by a day, since we're eating out on Tuesday). The Market Menu: wild local salmon, tamed local lima beans, tomatoes from next door. The lemon from our dooryard. Afterward, figs and pears from our trees. Only the wine is imported:
Rosé, Domaine de Gaussac, 2011

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