Friday, October 12, 2012

Tarte alsacienne

Eastside Road, October 12, 2012—
WE DO, EVERY NOW and then, we do resort to readymade. We don't buy a lot of food in boxes or cans, but convenience has its place. Yesterday, for example, you'll have noticed, we ate hominy from a can. Well, not really: we poured it into a pan, and heated it up with a few other things, and served it out…

Oh never mind. We ate hominy from a can, and tonight we ate tarte from a box. I don't remember now who it was recommended Trader Joe's "Tarte Alsacienne" to us; it was someone with a big freezer, who buys a dozen at a time to have on hand when people drop in unexpectedly: you just throw them in the oven to finish them, and cut them into little pieces, and serve them as finger-food with cocktails or what have you.

For us, this cheese-and-bacon tarte serves as a main meal when we don't feel like spending time or thought on cooking. Lindsey sliced up a couple of green tomatoes; I made vinaigrette for the green salad. We may have the last of the apple pie a little later, or we may not: Ceres knows there's plenty of fruit in the pantry.
Cheap Pinot grigio

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