Tuesday, October 23, 2012


San Francisco, October 23, 2012—
WHAT! NOT ACTUALLY EATING Chinese food tonight! Well, yes: I'm on a four-day walk with four other people, hopelessly outvoted. We're staying in a culinary wasteland tonight, we're hungry, and we're on foot.

At such times it seems appropriate to accept what comes without grumbling, and in a spirit of adventure. Besides, we'd heard good things about this place.

I have to say I liked the food, odd as it was, and would happily return. Here's the menu:
Beef tomato
Spinach garlic
Lamb nappa
Mushu lamb
Peking beef pancake
Onion pancake
Jasmine tea
Tsingtao beer
• Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant, 3132 Vincente Street, San Francisco; 415-564-3481

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- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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