Saturday, October 27, 2012

Soup and sandwich

El Granada, October 26, 2012—
MAYBE SIX MILES INTO today's ten-miler, and well past two o'clock: time for a bit of sustenance. Grilled ham and cheese had been on my mind, and the place we all finally agreed on seemed not to include one on its menu of California-cuisiny items — but wonder of wonders, tomato-red pepper soup and a grilled Gruyère sandwich was one of the daily specials. Everything about this place was pleasing, from the water-faucet in the gent's (Toto, a ribbon of water into a fine porcelain sink) to the lists of local suppliers of produce, breads, meats and the like. I'd go back any day, except that it's a bit off my beaten track.
beer: Tangerine Wheat, Lost Coast Brewing Company: citrusy, bright, refreshing
• Flavor, 10151 Cabrillo Highway North, El Granada, California; (650) 726-8000

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