Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saumon Nancy

Eastside Road, October 21, 2012—
I'VE COME TO THINK of this as a classic recipe, and I call it Saumon Nancy, salmon as Nancy makes it. I'd give you the recipe, but it isn't mine; it's in our friend Nancy Singleton Hachisu's new book Japanese Farm Food, and I've already written about it: we first made it almost a month ago.

Well, maybe I will tell you how to make it: you put the salmon steaks on foil, and a scallion on each one, and wrap them tight in the foil, and set the packages on the grill. I cook them over wood, and it takes, oh, maybe twenty minutes, depending on your fire, of course, and the thickness of the steaks.

They are delicious. With them, as you see, sliced tomatoes, and Nancy's shell Lima beans; afterward, green salad, tonight with shallots in the vinaigrette, not garlic, and lemon juice, not vinegar.

fruit.jpgAnd then a plate of fruit: Lindsey peels and quarters apples and late peaches; halves little black figs; finds a last Golden Transparent plum from our tree (rather past its prime!). A bit of chocolate, too.
Tempranillo Barrica, Albero, 2009

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