Friday, January 27, 2012


Eastside Road, January 27, 2012—
HAPPY MOZART'S BIRTHDAY to you! We celebrated with a quick trip to MacWorld Expo and an ailing friend, dinner out with a couple of friends, and some agitprop theater based on the Occupy movement. Much to think about: but at this site I focus on the dinner.

(I run into people from time to time — at MacWorld Expo, for example — who think my entire consciousness is narrowly focussed on dinner. That's not really true. I guess I should spend a little more time on the other blog from time to time.)

The theater was in nearby Sebastopol, and so is the K&L Bistro, one of the dependable local eateries. There I had a Friday Fish dinner: grilled sardines with roasted peppers and frisée; then grilled salmon on a bed of wilted lettuces, as you see, themselves on a bed of nicely flavored lentils in a sort of agrodolce. That's horseradish cream you see settling into the salmon. Not perhaps authentically bistro fare, but no complaints from me.
White Bordeaux in carafe
K&L Bistro, 119 South Main Street, Sebastopol; 707-823-6614

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