Saturday, October 8, 2011

The usual salmon dinner

Eastside Road, October 8, 2011—
SATURDAY: FARMERS MARKET: salmon from Dave; lima beans from Nancy; tomatoes from Emmet, the neighbor.
Dave warned us that this might be the last of the King salmon for this year, and suggested we get one or two extra, since they freeze well. I thought about it, but then we said No, best to eat seasonally: and Dave was quick to agree. But I thought about this salmon today; we do tend to take it for granted these Saturdays. I'll miss it, of course, and wanted to treat this one with extra respect.

No fig leaves, then; no grape leaves: just grilled over charcoal and grapevine cuttings, and seasoned with salt and a little lemon juice. The flesh was cooked just as we like it, soft, rare, almost creamy. What a noble fish this is.


And how well it pairs with Nancy's the lima beans, buttery, a little chestnutty in texture, a little grassy. And then the tomatoes. The weather's been great, too; cold nights, cool mornings, but bright warm days. Indian summer. And Crane melon from Emmet, and a slice of Mace cake for dessert — what a fine day's eating.

Salice Salentino, Epicuro, 2007: well balanced and dependable

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