Friday, September 23, 2011

Sandwich. Salad.

San Jose, September 23, 2011—
FOR REASONS TOO TRIVIAL to go into here, we drove from San Jose to Berkeley this morning; then back here via Redwood City. Well, now I read that, even the peregrination is pretty trivial. Anyhow, the result was that we ate basically On The Road.

Sandwiches were bought in Berkeley at a fine new place, a butcher shop. Roast pork, with lemon harissa aioli, cucumber, mint, basil and greens on an Acme torpedo roll, as their Facebook page will tell you if you only "friend" them.

A Martini at our hotel.

A glass of anonymous white at the museum opening.

Just now, a "Caesar salad", minus garlic and anchovy, and a glass of Pinot grigio at our hotel. 11 pm: time to pack it in.

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