Friday, September 16, 2011

Off feed

Eastside Road, September 16, 2011—
nagelkaas.jpgAN ODD DAY, eating-wise, for whatever reason — too much time on the road earlier in the week; too much grazing yesterday and the day before at the National Heritage Exhibition of heritage foods. We skipped lunch today, and had a quick supper before driving into town for a string quartet recital (Haydn and Dvorak, with a new piece sandwiched in between).

Chard from the garden, some green beans, that delicious nagelkaas (clove-studded Gouda) on toasted Como bread was enough for supper, but later, after the concert, we had a banana, raspberries from the garden, and a couple of Graham crackers with icing left over from the cake Lindsey made for Chez Panisse's birthday a couple of weeks ago. Frugality is often its own reward.
Martini before supper

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