Monday, September 12, 2011

Steak & potato

Redding, California, September 12, 2011—
LINDSEY THOUGHT SHE RECALLED eating at the Hilton Garden Inn sometime in the last few years, and we had to eat somewhere, since we were driving up to Ashland and were breaking the trip. Truth is, there aren't many places to eat between Sacramento and Ashland. Café Maddalena, in Dunsmuir, is probably still good: but it's closed on Monday.

So Hilton it was. I had a Caesar salad to start, then a "rare" six-ounce sirloin, baked potato and stir-fried squash, peppers, and onions on the side. Retro for sure. It was no better than you'd expect. Thérèse had had a better idea: just bring snacks.
Sauvignon blanc, BV, 2009; Cabernet Sauvignon, Clos de Bois, 2009
• Hilton Garden Inn Grill, 5050 Bechelli Lane, Redding, California; 530.226.5111

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