Monday, September 26, 2011

Salmon again

Eastside Road, September 26, 2011—
salmon.jpgI DON'T KNOW how long the coastal King Salmon season will last, but as long as we can get fresh wild line-caught salmon from our own waters, we'll keep eating it. Today Lindsey soaked a couple of fig leaves and wrapped the salmon steaks in them, first salting them. I built a small fire of grapevine cuttings and charcoal and grilled, first, some Nardini peppers; then the salmon.

Lindsey had sliced up some tomatoes and cooked some of Nancy Skall's delicious lima beans in a little butter; I made a vinaigrette — lemon juice this time, not vinegar. Afterward, Thompson Seedless grapes from the Farmers' Market, and another melon from my vegetable patch — that vine has given us half a dozen so far, all quite delicious.
Cheap Pinot grigio

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