Thursday, August 18, 2011

Indonesia, I guess…

Eastside Road, August 18, 2011—
YESTERDAY THE SUBCONTINENT, tonight the archipelago. Gradually we work our way home, I hope.
bach 1.jpeg
Tonight it was these noodles — made with fusilli, in fact — a little too peanutty and not enough otherwise, I thought. But before that,tomatoes.jpg tomatoes with Green Goddess dressing, a family favorite for these forty years and more. (Giovanna just wrote about them over at her blog.) The tomatoes are finally worth eating, and the dressing made them special — it always makes me think of dear Marion, and of James Beard, and the gentility of the 1950s, and all that.
Rosé, La Ferme Julien, 2009; Pinot noir, Fritz (Russian River Valley), 2009 (a little sweet, rather more alcohol than I like in this varietal, but good fruit, clean, and good structure, as I think they say)

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Curtis Faville said...

Love James Beard's Delights & Prejudices--what wonderful stories!