Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almost back…

Schellville, California, August 30, 2011—
A COUPLE OF UNSATISFACTORY cappuccinos and some just average toast for breakfast, a piece of nice French Apple Pie and a cup of coffee for early lunch, and then I thought well, let's just fast the rest of the day.
But then, driving home from Grass Valley and Chicago Park, Lindsey remembered a café she'd read about, and we pulled into a dusty parking lot outside an intriguing-looking roadside joint out in the country. The menu is long and amusing, and while I'm not terribly hungry, and don't really want anything to drink either, something spicy would be nice.

I ordered the miniature chicken-breast sandwich, which comes on a roll offering about five bites. It's spread with mayonnaise and, because I'd asked for it, a pepper sauce; and it's garnished with nice little pickles. A small can of Pabst Blue Ribbon profited from liberal squirts of Tabasco sauce and shakings of salt, and we drove off refreshed.• Fremont Diner, 2698 Fremont Drive, Sonoma; 707.938.7370

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