Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cheese sandwich

Eastside Road, August 31, 2011—
SALLIE SAYS, on Facebook: “Still don't see how you two can do all those great eating and drinking places without gaining weight!”

Reasonable point, I suppose, so let me address it, once and for all. Breakfast today: two cappuccinos, two slices toast, honey. Lunch: a hot dog — “Italian,” with sauerkraut and onion and mustard; not very good. (We'd gone to a ball game. Cubs lost, 4-0, but it didn't hurt that much; they won the last two games.)

On the way home: an affogato — one scoop of vanilla ice cream in a double espresso. Oh: and a small scoop of tea-and-honey ice cream, because I was curious about it. It was delicious: Earl Grey tea, local honey, a fairly dense ice cream — we like this place*.

Before dinner: a Martini with a handful of cashews and almonds. (We'd skipped them last Friday and Saturday, and they're fungible, you know.)

Dinner at home: Grilled cheese sandwich; green salad; half a (big) peach and quarter of a melon. Giovanna brought us the cheese, our beloved nagelkaas, from the Dutch import shop up near Portland.

It's true that over the long Chez Panisse weekend I gained one pound: I think that was because of rather more drink than usual, and certainly less exercise. Today we walked probably two miles, fairly quickly. (Parking garage to ball park and back.) Tomorrow we'll see what the scales say. I'll let you know, unless it's shameful.
Pinot grigio, La Famiglia (Monterey), 2009
*Lala's Creamery, 134 Petaluma Boulevard North, Petaluma; (707) 763-5252
Dutch-American Market & Import, 9575 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, Oregon; 503-646-1518

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