Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two islands

Hutchings Walk, London, May 21, 2011—
LINDSEY THOUGHT A PLOWMAN'S lunch would be appropriate for a last lunch in this city, so I asked if there were a good pub nearby. Bald Faced Stag, came the reply; so we took a brisk walk through Hampstead Garden Suburb to East Finchley and gave it a try. We split a "Spanish Board" containing slices of lomo, chorizo, and salame; then I went on to a plate of fried sardines, while the others had bangers and mash, or in John's case kidneys. Not a plowman in sight.
Pale ale from the tap
The Bold Faced Stag, 69 High Road, Barnet, London

Lagoon apartment, Cannaregio, Venice, May 21, 2011—
A SMOOTH FLIGHT ACROSS Channel, France-Germany-Switzerland, and the Alps brought us to our present home, where Fran had supper waiting: Radicchio with olive oil and anchovies, then Penne alla Norma, with a nice ragoût beefing it up. A bit of Catania in Venezia, and why not? We're finally eating Italian.Norma.jpg
Vino nobile di Montepulciano, “Vecchia Cantina”, 2008

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