Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Piazzetta di Pazienza, May 31, 2011—
A FRIEND STOPPED BY yesterday to sleep on the couch — Venice being temporarily out of rooms, because the Biennale is opening in a few days — and after a long night and morning's conversation, catching up on things, we went over past the Ghetto for lunch.

I'd noticed the other day a very ordinary-looking place called Osteria al Bacco, and thought I'd remembered reading good things about it on line. Besides, I've always liked Bacco in San Francisco; who can resist a place named for the god of wine? And our friend's middle name is, among other things, Dionisio: so it seemed like the right place.

L. and I started with a platter of rather nice gnocchi in walnut sauce; then I went on to chicken breast pizzaiolo: that is, in a piquant tomato sauce. Others had fish, or spaghetti. We had green salads, dressed as usual right at the table with olive oil, vinegar, and salt; and steamed potatoes; and grilled vegetables; and for dinner four dessert-spoons attacked a single chocolate mousse, neither spectacular nor objectionable. A very pleasant place.
White and red wine in carafe
• Osteria Al Bacco, Fondamente Capuzine, Sestiere Cannaregio, 3054, Venezia; 041 721415

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