Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dover sole

London, May 19, 2011—
I DO LOVE FLATFISH; when we're anywhere near the North Sea I order it every chance I get. London's virtually on the North Sea, and L. wanted fish and chips for dinner: I asked for Dover sole. First, though, a plate of fried anchovies, to get me in the mood for Venice.

The sole was tender and delicate. Not as brightly fresh as it might have been, but good, fried simply in butter, served with lemon. I am content.
Pinot grigio, Baron Herzog (California), 2010 (earlier we'd tried, then rejected a very curious "French colombard" made in Israel: this is a kosher restaurant.)
Fish Fish, 30 Temple Fortune Parade, London; +44 20 8458 2375

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