Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pizzavino 707, Sebastopol

Eastside Road, Healdsburg, July 30, 2009—
I GRADUATED FROM high school in Sebastopol, California, a small town, agricultural in those days (the early 1950s), of uncertain economy and mixed demographic profile today. It's still odd, to me, to think of the town as having anything of interest going for it: but there are two quite good restaurants, at least one ambitious one, and one quite new one.
We ate tonight at the new one, Pizzavino 707. (The number refers to the area code, which is ironic, since as of this writing the phone's not yet connected.)

Pizzavino 707 is in the building that formerly housed the West County Grill, opened a couple of years ago by Stephen Singer and Jonathan Waxman to considerable fanfare. For whatever reason, WCG did not prevail. Pizzavino seems to be a more modest concept, suiting the present economy: a full bar, a few salads, a few pizzas, a special entree — tonight, sea bass with three kinds of green bean and cherry tomatoes.
That's what I had, and it was pretty damn good.
Pecorino, Marche, 2007

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