Monday, July 20, 2009

Green beans and onions

Eastside Road, Healdsburg, July 20, 2009—

HUNGRY FOR VEGETABLES after a weekend largely without them. Lindsey obliged, as she generally does, tipping a nice big bowl of green beans, then barely cooking them and some thin-sliced white onion in olive oil with a little bit of salt.
In the meantime I'd gone out to the garden to get a head of romaine. The dressing: three anchovy fillets, rinsed of their packing oil and crushed with a clove of garlic, then the juice of half a lemon and enough olive oil to make it work.
Nero d'Avila, Archeo, 2007 (I do like this wine very much)


Curtis Faville said...

Here's a restaurant recommendation.

Gabriella's in Santa Cruz. They're right in town, along a quite stretch of older adobe-style shops.

910 Cedar Street.

Best for lunch, either alone or with one other person.

Fresh ingredients, new dishes all the time. Great wine list, carefully thought out.

Easy parking.

Small, intimate ambience. Courteous, easy-going service.

Don't read the Yelp! reviews--they're mostly written by jerks.

Charles Shere said...

Thanks. We get down that way about once every two years, but we'll look in next time.
Online reviews are problematic; so many use the opportunity simply to vent about something. Oh well.