Monday, February 6, 2017


Dutch baby
Eastside Road, February 6, 2017—

WHAT I SEEM TO CRAVE most on these longish drives — say six hours or so — is salt. There may be a physiological reason for this: I haven't looked into it. There's a limit to the amount of self-directed analysis is good for you, is my view. In any case I like to keep a bag of salt peanuts in the glove compartment, just in case; and tonight, after a typical day's drive and its concomitant diet, something savory seemed in order.

The concomitant diet: at the hotel's price-included breakfast, a glass of orange juice, a short cup of American coffee with milk, two odd pancakes from a pancake extruder, with butter and marmalade.

The real breakfast: our usual Ashland one: a croissant and a cappuccino (Stumptown) at Mix.

Mix Bakeshop, 57 North Main Street, Ashland, Oregon; +1 (541) 488-9885

Lunch: a ham on thyme-buttered baguette, also from Mix. This is your perfect Parisien jambon-beurre; the thyme elevates it even beyond. A can of Snappy Tom, bought at the gas station.

And dinner, finally, after ten days away, at home. Cook had asked our daughter for the recipe for her savory "Dutch Baby," a name I really dislike but an item I quite like: a sort of baked soufflée combining flour, eggs, milk, and in this case savories: oregano and thyme, I'm guessing, from our garden; salt of course; Parmesanl, baked in the black iron skillet. It was definitely satisfying.

Afterward, green salad, a tangerine, some cookies.

Cheap white wine, nv, Italy

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