Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ashland again

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Ashland, Oregon, February 5, 2017—

A LONG LATE MINIMAL breakfast: cappuccinos; toast.

No lunch; just a couple of handfuls of peanuts from the bag we keep in the glove compartment on these driving days.

A quick dinner at a new favorite: a hamburger; French fries. The hamburgers here are local grass-fed beef, not terribly high-fat but succulent; and not too damn big. Cooked with them: grilled sliced onion, a pickle chip or two, a bit of lettuce. Mustard, of course — the catsup's on the table, for them as want it.

The bun is brioche, as it should be, house-made at this joint's sister operation, where we will breakfast tomorrow, as we always do in this town.

Pinot noir, Underwood, nv, from a 375 ml can.
Flip, 92 N Main Strkeet, Ashland; open every day 11-9

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