Sunday, June 28, 2015

The weekly salmon

Eastside Road, June 27, 2015—
WE'VE SETTLED INTO the Saturday routine: to the Healdsburg farm market in the morning, where we visit our favorite vendors: Dave for fresh-caught local king salmon (actually it's his daughter, I think, or perhaps a granddaughter, who's there most often; he's generally out on his boat); Franco for his marvelous sausage or, perhaps for a change, some chicken-liver mousse; Burt and Mary for their unique dark lettuces and sweet carrots; Renee for radishes and maybe another head of lettuce; Yael for her indispensable Rose de Latour garlic; no peaches today from Dry Creek because our own tree is sufficient for the moment; Middleton Gardens for favas; our neighbors for eggs (but the hens aren't laying yet!); Lou for a conversation about olives and maybe some vegetables or a loaf of bread…

Then in the evening, after the Saturday Martini, I build a little fire of fruitwood prunings and cook the salmon. Cook's got it ready, covering it with two or three grape leaves I've picked and put to soak. I let the fire die down to coals and grill the salmon in a "grill basket," a skillet-like pan with many perforations. Cook prepped the favas while we watched the news with our cocktails, which make the news easier to deal with. Green salad afterward, and some peaches and berries for dessert. Summer's here.
Rose, "La ferme Julien" (Var), nv
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