Thursday, June 25, 2015


Eastside Road, June 24, 2015—
HOMINY ALWAYS TAKES me back to my childhood; we had it fairly often. It was always canned, and it seems to me it came in large cans and was not a standard brand — was it from Habitat? I'm not sure. Mom simply heated it and we ate it as a side dish, with the inevitable garlic salt sprinkled on top. I haven't tasted garlic salt since 1954, but I do still like hominy Tonight it was mixed with chorizo sausage, crumbled into the black iron frying pan to join an onion soubise. On top, Cook sprinkled raw cabbage-onion-and-lime relish, and chopped cilantro — a very tasty combination. Green salad afterward, and plenty of fruit — our peaches, mulberries, and plums are hitting their stride.
Cheap Pinot grigio
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