Monday, December 9, 2013


Eastside Road, December 9, 2013—
AFTER THE GREAT Marmalade & Martini Marathon, did we then fast for three days? Well, not quite. Friday night, after the second day of marmalade — the more difficult day, involving cooking and bottling, half of it done with Lindsey — we were content with some bread and cheese and so on.
hot turkey.jpgOn Saturday, though, we'd recovered somewhat, and turned to the Second Thanksgiving for what leftovers we might fine. Hot Turkey Sandwich! Mashed potatoes, dressing, and gravy! Cranberry sauce! and, of course… pumpkin pie.

Sunday, though, we hit the highway for a friend's CD release party, arriving just in time for a final glass of bubbly before going out with a dozen or so members of the party to a local restaurant with a Southern theme. We had platters of spinach salad with spiced pecans, onion, goat cheese and pears and barbecued back ribs for starters; then I went on to a pulled pork sandwich with chips and cole slaw.

Unlike Eliane's CD, the dinner could have been better. On the other hand it could have been a lot worse. I may not be a fan of Southern-style cooking — though if Scott Peacock is nearby I'll gratefully include myself in.

Oh, yes: dessert: Red velvet cupcakes with a dollop of sweet cream cheese on top. My southern-plains cousins would have loved it.
"Cocina": Red blend (60% Malbec, 20% each Syrah and Bonarda), La Posta (Mendoza, Argentina), 2011: quite nice
Farmer Brown, 25 Mason St, San Francisco; (415) 409-3276

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