Friday, November 22, 2013

Firefly Bistro

South Pasadena, November 21, 2013—

WE WANTED A LIGHT supper before going to a play tonight, and remembered a place we'd liked last March. We'd forgotten that its menu ran toward the American South, and were surprised to find that Thursdays here feater Burgers, Beer, and the Blues; but we had a good time in a comfortable tented pavilion, eating early. We ordered identically: This composed salad, involving caramelized baby turnips, small grilled leeks, and blue cheese as well as the obligatory lettuces; and then a surprisingly delicious bowl of Swedish meatballs, very nicely spiced ground pork and beef (more like veal, actually), on a bed of fried grated potatoes, in a pool of very nice cream sauce, a bit of lingberry jam on top, and a liberal sprinkling of tarragon — surprising, but with lots of finesse.

Dessert: pecan pie with — gulp — peanut butter ice cream. Hmmmm.

Pinot grigio; Malbec

• Firefly Bistro, 11009 El Centro Street, South Pasadena; 626.441.2443 

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