Monday, November 18, 2013


Berkeley, November 17, 2013—
TIME FOR ONLY a very quick bite between concerts (Mozart in Healdsburg; Erickson in Berkeley); what to do? We stopped in at what can only be called a brasserie on Shattuck Avenue, where Downtown prevailed a few years ago. And what do I mean by "brasserie"? Well, I lectured you the other day about bistro; let's look at the brasserie.

English-language and en français Wikipedia agree that a brasserie is open throughout the day, serves a limited menu, is generally fairly large. Beyond that, goes on to state, endearingly and very Frenchily,
Il n'existe pas de définition officielle permettant de différencier catégoriquement ce genre d'établissement d'un restaurant classique.
which is to say, l'Académie française has not (yet) ruled on the question of grammatically or linguistically distinguishing brasserie from conventional restaurant.

Lindsey had sardines, which she thought good; I had pork-fennel sausage, crumbled and served on flatbread that also involved a leek soubise and chunks of poached apple, along with rapini and a grating of pecorino. This dish was, I thought, not entirely resolved, but I was in a hurry.

Pinot grigio
Revival Bar+Kitchen, 2102 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley; 510.549.9950

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Curtis Faville said...

We haven't eaten here since the place was converted from its previous incarnation as Downtown, a miserable flop by all accounts.

The interior photo on their website looks intriguing, with a full cocktail bar, and a more gregarious atmosphere.

We'll have to try it.