Thursday, October 10, 2013


Eastside Road, October 9, 2013—

I DO LIKE barley, in almost any form. When I was a boy, and often hungry, I used to eat  raw rolled barley by the handful, scooped out of the gunny sack that stood by the slop barrel we fed the pigs from. Even better, of course, was the Campbell's beef and barley soup we occasionally had as a treat. 

Tonight we feasted on this barley pilaf, which is flavored with butter and cooked scallions — a recipe from Marion Cunningham; who always seems near when we have this dish. 

With it, these sweet red peppers that I cooked simply  in olive oil with a few garlic cloves and salt. After letting them toast in the oil for a while I added a little water and covered the pan, softening the peppers a bit. Afterward, green salad; then fruit.

Cheap Italian Primitivo

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George Mattingly said...

This looks like a great meal. Are those corno di toro peppers? (If not I'm guessing they have a similar flavor and texture. Great time for peppers!). I hadn't thought of centering a meal on them but now I'm going to.