Monday, October 21, 2013

More parties

Eastside Road, October 20, 2013—
TWO BIRTHDAY PARTIES today — an eighty-fifth; a sixtieth. Neither, I hasten to add, mine. We began with a birthday brunch out at the coast in what I think of as a road restaurant, one of two places we've been to before in a village of 147 souls, according to the 2010 census.

Today's restaurant was observing Oktoberfest, and I was hungry, so I ordered from the Hauptgerichten: Wiener Schnitzel mit Eiern, a fried pork cutlet covered with what we used to call milk gravy, flavored with sweet Vidalia onions, with a couple of eggs sunny-side up atop, and a hash of fried potatoes and bacon underneath. A farm breakfast, with a Bloody Mary before and, of course, coffee afterward.

Rocker Oysterfeller's, Valley Ford Hotel, 14415 Coast Hwy 1, Valley Ford, California; 707.876.1983
Dinner was al fresco down the hill: the spatchcocked chicken you see above, grilling over an oak fire; Franco Dunn's Toscana sausages; lots of various peppers; Lindsey's deviled eggs; Becky's frittata; Thérèse's wonderful chocolate cake…

Campfire, sparklers; silly hats…
Volnay-Santenots, 1962; Pernand-Vergelesses, 1969 (both well over the hill, alas); L. Preston red (very nice)

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