Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Holiday feast

Eastside Road, May 27, 2013—
FRIENDS UP FOR DINNER, and it never hurts that they're chefs themselves, and help so much they virtually do the cooking and we just assist. Here, for example, you have Lindsey's potato salad with steamed potatoes, favas, and scallions; my grilled onion, simply peeled, quartered with the roots left on, and set under the broiler; Curt's broiled salmon, enhanced by the simple trick of scoring the skin and flavoring with summer savory; and steamed asparagus.

We had the green salad afterward, of course, its vinaigrette my responsibility but its vinegar's Alta's, quince-inoculated.

peachshortcake.jpgAnd then Lindsey's peach shortcake, with a drop-biscuit type cake and peeled, sliced peaches from Dry Creek, first of the season for us, and absolutely delicious.
Rosé, Domaine de la Fontsainte, 2012; cheap Pinot grigio; Savigny-les-Beaune, Domaine Pierre Guillemot, 2008 (there's a story behind this one, but too complicated to tell here: meanwhile, thanks, Kendall and Kermit)

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