Friday, May 17, 2013

Another artichoke, another salad

Eastside Road, May 17, 2013—
TWO MORE ARTICHOKES cut from the plant today, Globe artichokes this time — and another two tiny artichokes left behind, which we'll no doubt eat in a week or ten days.

We simply soak them in salted water for an hour or so, and then Lindsey cuts them in half as you see here, and steams them an hour or so.

That was the first course, with a bit of mayonnaise. Then we had sardine sandwiches, on good Ciabatta from Acme Bread in Berkeley, because we'd driven down there again this morning. Ciabatta is my favorite bread for such a sandwich; its texture and flavor, when well made (as it is here), seems perfect for any kind of oily filler.

And then a bowl of mâche, dressed with vinaigrette made, again, with Alta's delicious quince vinegar. And for dessert, an apple, a Pixie tangerine, a square or two of chocolate…
Cheap Pinot grigio

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