Sunday, May 12, 2013


Pasadena, California, May 12, 2013—
IT MAY NOT LOOK like much in my photo, but it was as delicious a gazpacho as I've ever had. Of course it was over ninety degrees today; any gazpacho would have been welcome. But this was so complex, so nicely balanced; the tomatoes had been roasted to bring out the flavor, and the textures were surprising and played off so well against one another. And the olive oil drizzled on top was such a nice oil.

And then I had a pasta primavera with good tomatoes, barely cooked fresh peas, mushroom pancetta, generous shavings of Pecorino, stewed tomato, caramelized fennel — again, so delicious, so full of little surprises that I'm afraid I simply gobbled the thing down without paying proper attention.

I had a taste of Lindsey's Key Lime Pie, a modern version of the familiar standard, with a perfect Graham-cracker crust, smooth and perfectly balanced lime filling, and — surprise! — a lime gelée on the side that looked, and tasted, and felt both unusual and unexpected and yet perfectly reasonable. What a pleasant place this was, perhaps the best new restaurant we've found down here in years. And thanks to the two old buddies who introduced us to it. Thanks, Dan and Tony!
Cava; Viognier; Graham's 20 Year Port
• Firefly Bistro, 1009 El Centro Street, South Pasadena; 626.441.2443

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