Monday, January 21, 2013

Risotto al radicchio

Via Gaetano Sacchi, Rome, January 21, 2013—
WE CHOSE CARELESSLY today, having just run into a daughter and granddaughter on the Piazza San Cosimato. A curious joint just around the corner seemed to be okay, and we settled down there to a midday pasto — in my case, just a risotto that came, when it did, wrapped in a sort of nest of solid radicchio leaves underneath, shredded radicchio atop. A pretty dish, nicely cooked, though a little over-salty, I thought. House white.
•Mama Eat, Via San Cosimato 7, Rome; 06 5806222
NOTHING NEEDED FOR DINNER, it seemed to me, but a bowl of minestrone, but where to get that? So we made it ourselves, frying up some chunks of zampone, then adding sliced carrot, then the rest of the pre-packed soup mix: celery, pumpkin, tomato, beans, greens; and water; and a clove of garlic. We finished it off with a little oil and pesto, purchased like everything else at a convenent little store around the corner, and it was fine with a couple of slices of good local bread.
Falanghina del Beneventana, 2010

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