Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another grilled cheese

Eastside Road, January 5, 2013—
I WROTE ABOUT OUR grill here the other day, when Lindsey made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. Here's a photo. I thought she heated the two pans separately, that's how I do it, but she's smarter than me, and a long sight more frugal: she nests the pans, just like this, and gets them good and hot.

done.jpgThen the sandwiches, already made go into the big pan, and the smaller pan is set on top, to grill the top slices of bread, and compress the sandwiches a bit.

The sandwiches are simply slices of gruyère between slices of bread. Our bakery is closed this week for its annual repose, and Acme's an hour's drive and then some away. We made do tonight with Artisan bread from Santa Rosa, and I must say I prefer the bread I'm accustomed to, perhaps only for that very reason… but perhaps not.

Oh well. With the sandwiches, soy beans from the freezer, raw carrot, a good green salad.
Red blend, "L. Preston," Preston of Dry Creek, nv

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Curtis Faville said...

Yup, squeezing the sandwiches together, and maybe adding a little butter or olive oil -- that's the trick!