Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What! Another hamburger?

Eastside Road, December 5, 2012—
WELL, YES, AND WHY shouldn't I have another hamburger this week, this time in my own house, ground beef of my own purchase, if you please?

I bought it thinking of making a nice sauce Bolognese, but on getting home remembered — with a teeny bit of help — that there wouldn't be time to do it justice, and besides, I reflected, we'd finished the celery and carrots in the icebox yesterday, and what's a Bolognese without the aromatics?

So Lindsey simply shaped a couple of hamburger patties, and found Downtown Bakery buns in Fortunatus's Freezer, and one or two of Lou Preston's estimable dill pickles, and that, with the later addition of the requisite Green Salad, was that.
Red table wine, "Guadagni," Preston of Dry Creek, 2011

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Joan said...

Fortunatus's Freezer...I had to look it up on Wiki...

Thanks for giving me words to describe my busy life's
simplest blessings