Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday salmon

Eastside Road, December 15, 2012—
TO MARKET THIS MORNING — you have to hand it to those marketers: it was freezing, and the usual roadway into the market is closed for construction, and the back way in isn't that easy to find, so there was a pretty small turnout, at least when we were there.

Dave our fish guy was there, though, and the salmon looked good, as always. We're so lucky to have good wild salmon just offshore. Yes, Richard; lima beans again — Lindsey bought and shelled and froze a lot of them, knowing the season couldn't last. They look a little dark, and the texture doesn't gain from the freezer. But one makes do. Broccoli, too, fresh from the market, and the green salad afterward…

Pinot grigio, La Ronescina (Collio), 2010

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