Friday, December 14, 2012


Eastside Road, December 14, 2012—
GEE, HOW LONG IS IT since we had a risotto? One of my favorite dishes—

Lindsey found a few scraps of prosciutto and a cup or so of frozen peas in the freezer, and we had that chicken stock on hand, time to use it… So I drove in to town and bought some Arborio (how could we have been out of Arborio? It has been a long time!)

Fry chopped onion and prosciutto in olive oil; add rice; stir stir stir; add stock, cook down; add white wine, cook down; add stock, cook down… all that while always stirring, of course.

When the rice is plump and tender, stir in the peas. Then stir in some grated Parmesan. Grate more over when it's served.

Why is it so damned red? Because Lindsey loves saffron. And because I forgot to get yellow onions, and she had to make do with red ones.

Green salad after.

Pinot grigio, La Ronescina (Collio), 2010: on first taste a little bland and inert, but soon developing nice depth and overtones. I remember a delicious Collio in Venice, a few years ago; it really opened my eyes (well, my taste buds) to what this area does… this reminded me of that.

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